Kids dentist 07666

Kids Dentist 07666

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Preparing your child for their first dental visit in 07666

Kids dentist 07666
Kids dentist 07666

The most important dental appointment in a child’s life may well be their first experience with a dentist. Our kids dentist 07666 practice at Teaneck Dentist recognizes the importance of your child’s first interaction with a dental professional and has geared our pediatric practice to making this initial visit and all subsequent visits stress-free, anxiety-free and fun. We want your child to want to come back to see us and be enthusiastic about taking care of their teeth everyday at home.

Our kids dentist 07666 has some suggestions for parents on preparing their young child for their first visit to our office. Our doctors recommend talking to your child about going to the dentist way in advance of the visit so they are not taken by surprise, let them know what a dentist does and what we will be doing in our special visit. Allow your child to take a virtual tour on our web site or come into the office for a pre-appointment tour and let them meet our friendly staff. We encourage reading books about coming to the dentist with your child and don’t forget to tell them about your own positive experiences in our office.

During the first visit to our kids dentist 07666 office our doctor and other staff members will concentrate on getting to know the child and starting a positive relationship with them. There will be very little treatment offered during this first visit, we’ll count your child’s teeth and check their gums and possibly do a little preventative measures, such as applying fluoride and taking a set of child appropriate x-rays. Each initial visit differs depending on the reactions of the child. Our doctor will evaluate your child’s mouth and discuss special topics like thumb sucking if necessary. Our staff will also talk to your child about cleaning their teeth and gums at home and teach them the proper way to do it for their age. Please set your child up for a lifetime of good oral health by making an appointment with our office.

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