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Are you looking for a great way to get your son or daughter and their friends together, while working to achieve a greater state of health for your children? Oral health care check-ups for kids can be a difficult matter for young patients. Many children can suffer from dental anxiety, and even those who do not are rarely willing to pay a visit to the dentist without a little bit of bargaining from their parents. But what if dental check-ups could not only be fun, but an experience that kids can enjoy with their friends that they will look forward to each and every time? You can achieve exactly that when you plan a dental checkup party with your local Bogota general dentist at the family friendly practice of the Teaneck Dentist.

Dental health care no longer needs to be boring, lengthy, or lonely for children thanks to dental check-up parties. These events allow parents to enjoy expedited care, while kids get to spend time with their friends and be entertained, all while working towards a strong and healthy smile. Children often need assistance in order to encourage healthy habits in any area of life, and oral hygiene is no exception. Fortunately, our comprehensive oral examinations and cleanings offered at dental check-up parties include everything your child needs to grow into a healthy smile, including a gentle yet thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and gum lines, dental x-rays to insure teeth are growing into their proper places and that no malocclusions or bite problems are occurring, as well as essential fluoride rinses. Fluoride is the only mineral known to actively regrow enamel and dentin in order to strengthen teeth against tooth decay.

Check-up parties are offered every Sunday morning with not one but eight experienced dental hygienists who specialize in the cleaning and care of young smiles, every one of our doctors, and a magician to entertain and amaze your children and all of their friends. This allows your professional Bogota general dentist to complete over sixty dental check-ups in just one Sunday morning, with large families able to come in for their children’s care and be out the door again in under one hour.

For oral health care your son or daughter will be happy to attend, be sure to book a dental check-up party for all of their friends and family at your neighborhood Bogota general dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of the Teaneck Dentist proudly care for the smiles of your local community with state of the art technology and personalized attention for all ages. With dental checkup parties at the Teaneck Dentist, oral health care is convenient and fun for the whole family.

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