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Wisdom teeth extractions in Englewood

Englewood dental office
Englewood dental office

Not everyone needs teeth removed, though for the most part, many people need to have their wisdom teeth taken out when they develop, or even sometimes before they do. Wisdom teeth are not always needed, and in many cases people develop wisdom teeth that are impacted or crooked. If this is the case, then wisdom teeth need to be taken out at one point or another. Here at our Englewood dental office, Teaneck Dentist, we can provide patients with wisdom teeth extractions that they need no matter what the reason is for their procedure.

Wisdom teeth are generally known as such because they are the last molars to develop and they tend to do so between the ages of 18 and 21. As humans evolved, the human skull changed shape and in order to make room for a growing brain, the human jaw slowly became smaller to accommodate it. Because of this change, many people end up developing their wisdom teeth in a way that is detrimental to their other teeth and their overall dental health. Because of the lack of space, many wisdom teeth develop crookedly and may end up growing into or toward the other teeth. This can cause a great deal of dental trauma, dental crowding, and pain. For many individuals, wisdom teeth need to be removed before they develop too much, or they are removed afterward. Some people can have their wisdom teeth develop, but they may still be crooked and difficult to clean, making decay and disease more likely. Here at Teaneck Dentist we can provide individuals with wisdom teeth removal and extractions. We can perform the entire procedure right here at our Englewood dental office.

If you have wisdom teeth, are suffering from wisdom teeth pain, or if you have fully develop use them teeth that have yet to be removed, then please visit our Englewood dental office is soon as possible. We can provide you with the care you need right here at Teaneck Dentist.

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