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Non-surgical root canal treatment has come a long way. Although it has the reputation for being something to dread, today’s reality is that when you come to our Teaneck dental practice in need of relief from a root canal problem, you can feel confident in a much smoother and comfortable process with little or even no pain at all.

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Dental Office 07666

It is always our goal- and, of course, yours- to prevent root canal problems wherever possible. Typically, when you need non-surgical root canal therapy at our Teaneck dental practice it is because of an infection that has been brought on from a deep filling, a decayed tooth, or one that has become chipped or cracked. Less commonly, facial trauma can be responsible for a root canal problem. In most cases, you will be alerted to the need for treatment because of pain. Most people who have a root canal infection will notice severe pain, especially when chewing food, exposing the tooth to extreme hot or cold temperatures, or applying any type of pressure to it. Signs that could also indicate the need for non-surgical root canal treatment but are not related to pain include tenderness in the gums or discoloration of the tooth. If you detect any of those symptoms, particularly the pain, call us immediately to schedule an appointment. Even if a root canal infection turns out not to be the reason, a severe toothache, gum tenderness, or tooth discoloration are all things that should not be ignored or very long.

Non-surgical root canal treatment generally requires more than one visit to our Teaneck dental practice, although sometimes it can be completed in a single session. You will receive a local anesthetic to numb the area first. The top of the tooth in question will be drilled to reach the root canal area. The infected pulp, nerve, and any debris discovered there will be removed and the area will be thoroughly cleaned and then sealed. If multiple visits are required, you will get a temporary crown between treatments so that the tooth will be protected until the next session. Once the work is completed, a permanent crown that you have been fitted for will be applied to complete the process.

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