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You might think that it’s reason enough to come visit Teaneck dentist when you need the very best in dental care because of the high level of skill, experience, patience, and compassion that you will find at our Bogota dental office. For us, though, having the absolute latest and best in dental technology and equipment is an important part of providing you with the height of service. Cone Beam 3D imaging is one such tool that enhances our ability to use the most accurate data in order to place dental implants, crowns, bridges, and orthodontic devices. It’s these clear and easy to read images that provide a foundation for the best results.

Dental Care Bogota

Dental Care Bogota

Using advanced software and 3D technology allows our Bogota dental office to plan your procedures with greater effectiveness than ever before. It allows our dentist to see the area that is to be worked on with the kind of definition that was not previously possible. The surrounding teeth and their positions, along with the structure of the bones, nerve canals, and sinus walls are all essential information that permits less chance of errors or unexpected difficulties. The precision that is possible because of Cone Beam 3D imaging means that the entire procedure can be mapped out in advance. This not only means even higher odds of successful treatment, but less time spent achieving it. More efficient, more safe, and more chance of good results. It’s hard to argue with that.

For placing dental implants, where the support post needs to be fused directly to your jaw, Cone Beam 3D imaging gives higher resolution pictures to show the location of bone and nerves. Our Bogota dental office is committed to reducing the possibility of complications. And the better that our dentist can see the obstacles that need to be avoided, the less opportunity there is for error. Orthodontic treatment can also be enhanced by seeing the alignment of your teeth in greater detail prior to having your braces or Invisalign aligners fashioned. There’s no doubt about it: your dental and orthodontic treatments will be smoother and more comfortable thanks to this state of the art imaging that supports optimal care.

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