Dental Implants in Englewood

Dental Implants in Englewood

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Implants in Englewood

Losing teeth can change a lot of things, and it can even change your life. The way you look, the way you eat, the way you speak, and the way you eat can all change with the loss of teeth. It’s important to treat any issues that have caused your tooth loss, but in order to fully restore your dental health you will also need to replace your lost teeth as well. Here at Teaneck Dentist, Dr. Richard S. Gertler can make sure that you get the treatment and care that you need, offering restorative options like dental implants in Englewood.

The loss of teeth can be devastating, and the changes it can inflict on your life can be a lot to deal with. Aside from the cosmetic changes, living with an incomplete bite can continue to harm your dental health by putting more strain on your jaw. It can even cause any remaining teeth to move and shift in place, creating more dental trauma. To avoid further damaging your dental health and to help restore your smile, options like dentures or implants can help. Depending on what you are capable of undergoing surgery-wise, as well as depending on your budget and your own personal preferences, Dr. Gertler may be able to provide you with dental implants in Englewood. Unlike dentures, implants are surgically attached to the jaw and are made to feel and perform more like real teeth because of the way they are anchored in the mouth. Each artificial tooth is planted into a titanium post that acts like a natural tooth root, and once completed will create a completely seamless new smile. Here at Teaneck Dentist, we can offer you the evaluation you need as well as any preoperative treatment you might require if you are eligible.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants in Englewood, just call us here at Teaneck Dentist to book an evaluation today. You can find a list of accepted insurances on our website, or feel free to give us a call.

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