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Tooth extractions can be the object of terror for many of us, but though these procedures may sound scary, they are not anything to be frightened of. Often times teeth may need to be extracted due to various reasons such as severe decay in the form of abscess, destruction through periodontal disease, or simply due to their location becoming a problem for other areas of your smile such as wisdom teeth that are causing an impact to form. No matter what the cause, a tooth extraction can be performed painlessly, working to save the rest of your smile from further harm. For the very best in personalized and professional care of your smile, be sure to visit the experts at your local Bogota dentist at the Teaneck Dentist to insure your smile stays in perfect health.

Bogota Family Dentist

Bogota Family Dentist

In most cases, a dentist will try to avoid a tooth extractions at all costs, simply due to the amount of aftercare needed, as well as a follow-up to replace the extracted tooth with a prosthodontic or a dental implant. However, in some cases a tooth extraction may be the only procedure that can save your smile from harm. This is especially true in the cases of wisdom teeth. Nine out of ten of patients will experience impaction from wisdom teeth, causing damaging and displacement of teeth. For this reason the staff of your trusted Bogota dentist will often recommend removing wisdom teeth before they erupt in order to save your smile from harm.

When your mouth is deemed ready for the procedure the esteemed doctors of your professional Bogota dentist, your tooth extraction begins by putting your comfort first, using the proper anesthetic to insure the nerves are blocked from delivering any pain to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout your care. The tooth that needs to be removed is then gently rocked in order to widen the socket and make the process of removal as gentle and easy on the lines of your gums as possible. Often times a tooth will require sectioning, involving the need to remove the tooth in pieces rather than at once, in order to stop harm from occurring to the rest of your smile.

Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at your neighborhood Bogota dentist strive to care for your mouth throughout your tooth extraction, from examination to exacting aftercare procedures. Our doctors will work one on one with you to insure that you understand how to safely and successfully care for your tooth following the procedure to insure that your mouth heals completely and without complication. With the state of the art practice of the Teaneck Dentist you can rest easy knowing your smile will be returned to perfect health once more.

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