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Dental cleanings versus periodontal cleanings

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Here at Teaneck Dentist, some of the most important services that our Bogota dentist are those involving deep cleaning treatments. Bacterial buildup is at the root of most serious dental conditions, and some of the most common dental conditions like tooth decay and periodontal disease. Some of the most harmful bacteria are those you may be familiar with – tartar and plaque. Because these bacteria can do such damage, removing them thoroughly and properly is key to your dental health. A lot of this work happens at home with careful brushing and flossing each day, however there is more to really effective bacterial removal than that. It is equally important to have your teeth and gums professionally cleaned. A dental cleaning is different from a periodontal cleaning. A dental cleaning is a basic teeth cleaning like those performed during dental checkups. It is an important part of basic dental health maintenance. A periodontal cleaning is a cleaning that focuses on the gums. Our Bogota dentist might recommend a periodontal cleaning if you are exhibiting signs of gum disease or gingivitis like especially red gums, gum tenderness, bleeding from the gums, gum pain, and other related symptoms. Periodontal cleanings can help stop the development of periodontal disease. If you yourself are noticing the aforementioned symptoms of periodontal disease, schedule an appointment with our Bogota dentist right away. In addition, of you are experiencing signs of tooth decay like pain, sensitivity, or visible signs of decay, you should schedule a dental cleaning here at Teaneck Dentist as soon as possible.

If you would like to learn more about dental cleanings, periodontal cleanings, or any of the other many services that our Bogota dentist has to offer, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to the main Teaneck Dentist website to browse through the wealth of additional, detailed information available to you there. If you have any specific questions or concerns that we can help you with in any way, please feel free to contact the staff here directly. We look forward to working with you soon here at Teaneck Dentist.

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