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Bergenfield General Dentist

Childhood dental care is a vital part of the overall health of our children. Practicing an approved dental hygiene routine is a good start to pediatric oral health, but this is only the beginning of truly effective dental prophylaxis. Only your local Bergenfield general dentist can provide professional dental care that can go above and beyond to truly protect your child’s teeth from decay and cavities. At the Teaneck Dentist we utilize the latest in preventative care, such as dental sealants, to truly stop tooth decay in its tracks and insure that you child’s smile lasts for a lifetime.

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Your child’s teeth are not only important, but they are also at risk for cavities now more than any other time in their lives. Children require extra fluoride treatments to strengthen their smile, as well as fight cavities. However, some teeth in particular are at an even greater risk than others. Premolars and permanent molars are the teeth you and your children use for chewing more than any other in your mouths, and as such they subject to greater abuse, wear, and are far more likely to develop a cavity than the other regions of your smile. For this reason, the CDC as well as your local Bergenfield general dentist strongly suggest that all children from the ages of six to fourteen receive dental sealant to protect them from decay.

At your Bergenfield general dentist our goal is to apply dental sealants as soon as permanent molars grow into your child’s smile to prevent tooth decay from ever reaching them in the first place. Dental sealants are as important a part of your child’s dental prophylaxis as fluoridated water and regular brushing and flossing. You never have to worry about a painful procedure, the process of applying a dental sealant is not complicated or invasive in anyway. The molars are simply cleaned, dried, prepped, rinsed and dried a final time, before the sealant is applied to the enamel of those teeth. Properly applied and cared for dental sealant can last up to 10 years.

At the Teaneck Dentist we are proud to offer state of the art dental procedures to our local patients for the very best in oral health care. We provide pediatric dental care in an environment that your child will feel comfortable learning about proper dental hygiene in. Through the use of dental sealants our Bergenfield general dentist can protect the molars of your smile for up to a decade to prevent them from tooth decay, and as such keep you from ever needing to have them treated for cavities through costly dental fillings. Dental sealants insure that your child’s teeth are well protected through some of the most crucial years of their lives for a smile that will last a lifetime.

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